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My Dog's testacles have swollen and his stomach started to enlarge a bit...what can I do to cure my dog?

Posted by brian

My dog had a flea problem for the past couple of weeks... finally i was able to get rid of his fleas... 2 days after, i notice that his normal habbits changed

 1.) He likes to spend more time under the faucet everytime I clean him.

2.) His Scrutum started to swell 30% than its normal size...

3.) His Stomach also started to expand

4.) My dog hasnt been eating as much lately... 

5.) He's always tierd ....he only stands up If i force him (he sleeps under the car).


I really need your help.... My dog has been with our family for quite some time now and is more or less 6 years ol. It has been like this for 5 days already...

 hope to hear from you guys soon...thanks a lot.

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Your description of your dog's situation is very general in the sense that there very well might be more going on than meets the eye.  The apparent swelling of the scrotum could be from a problem with the testicles or it could be related to the swollen abdomen you are describing.  The loss of appetite and lethargy could also be related to these very general signs.

Due to the uncertainty of the causes of these signs, you would be wise to have your dog examined by your veterinarian in order to get more answers.  The exam could include blood work and possibly some abdominal X-rays.

Helpful Buckeye

thank you very much...I think thats the best idea
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