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My dog nails on her back paw are bleeding internaly. What is this from?

Posted by normie

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My all white dog has developed the same problem. One rear paw is brownish red and the quick's are brownish red, looks like dried blood to me. I have an appointment in 2 weeks w/ my vet and am trying research the problem. Was there a resolution or answer to normie's question?

It is not the quick.  The nail itself right at the base is a dark red - purple, her nails are white.  She keeps chewing on this foot as well.  She also has one that is doing this on a front paw.  To me it looks like it is bleeding at the base inside the nail.  Can I email you a photo?

Most likely what you are seeing is the blood supply to the nail, called the "quik" in a ligher colored nail.   :-)

I hope this does not get posted twice...  I just posted an answer but it is not showing up for some reason.

What makes you think that your dogs nails are bleeding internally?  More then likely, you are seeing the quik or blood supply to the nail its self in a lighter colored nail.   :-)

What makes you think they are bleeding internally?    You will have to give us more details.   It is possible these nails are not black in color and you are just seeing the "quick" or blood supply to the nail its self.   ????
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