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My dog keeps mouth open -trouble eating--drooling- droopy eye ?

Posted by Ohmygolly02

My Lab has been keeping him mouth open, has trouble pushing food into back of mouth when eating, droopy eyed, slobbery. He has bacteria & yeast in ears on Antibiotic with no help....can anyone else help ? Day 5 for him Thanks ! Pam
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You should have your dog checked by a veterinarian and it sounds like  he should be on probiotics and enzymes with a diet with no grains or veggies would help with the yeast and bacteria problems.

Okay,  posting problems again!   Grrrrrrrr

I recommend you have your vet check your dog if he is not acting normal or able to eat properly.  

To aid in the ridding him of the yeast and bacteria,  supplement him daily with probiotics and enzymes while eliminating grains and veggies from his diet.

I hope this is not a duplicate,  I have tried posting three times in answer to this question:

You need to have your vet check your dog if he is not acting normal or able to eat properly.

To help rid the yeast and bacteria problem your dog is having, you can put him on probiotics and enzymes along with a diet where you have elminated all grains and veggies.

Hi and thank you for the repsonse. Oh he has been at the vet 4 times. He was to have surgury for his Hemotoma on his right ear but his liver enzymes were 3 times normal. While on meds to help his enzyme levels this happened. I found out he has an middle ear infection.I found it at However I wanted to ask you about the no grains and veggies. Will this help with Bacteria? He does have bacteria in the left ear which has the infection along with yeast, his left eye droops and has facial paralisys lots of drooling. He is on Cipro 500mg and also some Prednisone with ear drops of Baytril Oric twice daily. p.s. yes he has"some type" of allergies too!  Thank you for your response! Pam
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