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My dog is suffering from brown, slimy vomit and diarrhea

Posted by borntobounce

There's alot to say here to please bear with me.  I'm at my wits end!!  About two years ago my dog began having seizures so the vet put her on phenobarbitol.  She did not have a seizure for almost 8 months but her liver levels were off the scale when her blood was tested. She weaned her off pheno and put her on potassium bromide. As time went on she began vomiting often but the vet didn't think it was due to the PB meds so she put her on an anti-nausea pill.  Still no change and her weight was decreasing to the point where she lost 9 lbs. (She was overweight so the weight loss was okay at that point).  She was finally switched to sodium bromide with the same vomit/diarrhea results so she was switched back to pheno.  She is now down to 53 lbs. from 70 in the span of maybe five months.  I am feeding her rice and chicken with hearts and gizzards and a sprinkle of garlic and I am now incorporating chicken dry dog food (in small amounts) by Rachel Ray as it's supposed to not have fillers or chemicals.  If I give her dog food she throws up a few hours after eating.  If I feed her this chicken recipe she can go a few days without vomiting.  Yesterday was the first day she ate an entire dog food bowl of food which was wonderful but it was done in three stages throughout the day.  She rarely wants to eat and she is very lethargic.  She has dark brown stool the consistency of melting soft serve ice cream.  Her vomit is medium to dark brown and slimy!!  Sometimes there are spots of blood.  The vet thought possibly she might have an ulcer but with my husband just losing his job there's just no way possible to get an ultrasound.  We (without the doctor's knowledge) have weaned her off the pheno as we want to get her tummy back on track.  I do NOT want to lose my furbaby!!!!  Is there something else I can do for her?  The vet was having me give her 1/2 a Pepcid AC Max pill twice a day but it wasn't helping and to me, a bad stomach and constant meds with very little food just don't mix and I fear it's hurting her more than helping her.  I'm so lost at what to do.  I understand the vet can't do much without testing but I don't have the money for it ... I also understand with this economy everyone including businesses are hurting so she can't do an account I can make payments on ... but I'm desperate.  I can't watch my baby starve to death or simply say well, she's not getting better so I'll have to put her down. I'm trying anything I can to help her.  Her vomiting is mostly in the morning over the wee hours of the morning so its not food she's vomiting.
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I can't tell you what to do about all those drugs your vet is prescribing for your dog but I know for my own dog I'd probably not use any of them.

What I would do is switch to a species appropriate raw diet. If your dog only gets sick when eating the dog food there is a good reason for that. 

Here is some help for you to learn more and help your dog by being informed.

Remember this is for your dog not yourself. Most people get "grossed out" when we say feed raw. But no animals cook their food naturally. They can't of course. So do your best to look at things from their perspective, not what is good for us but what is good and natural for them.

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