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my dog is staggering when she walks and has been vomitting. what could this be?

Posted by libbaconner

dog woke up trying to get down to vomit.  she vomitted up a dark yellow color liquid with bits of food and grass in it also.  when she tried to walk away she stggered so that she fell a couple of times.  i managed to pick her up to take her out to urinate.  after she went she staggered back into the house.  no labored breathing.
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You are right about a toxin. There has been a big problem with selenium toxicity in livestock around the country. The feed companies are getting very heavy handed with it and to top it off, they are using grains grown in high selenium areas of the country that farmers weren't using 20 years ago. The problem has been getting worse every year. I have test results from tons of livestock feed. Now the meat has too much selenium, the grains have too much selenium, the calcium is mined from high selenium soils, and they add more selenium for the heck of it.  A

   rsenic is fed to the chickens because it counteracts them from getting Chronic Selenium Toxicity.  I don't think they realize why it helps the chickens. They just know it does. Nobody has been testing for it until I figured it out. Now the FDA is investigating and Several states Department of Ag. are looking for it. I found enough people in different states willing to test their animals and feed and with this information we have top recognized researchers backing us. We are looking for National attention on this problem.  All the problems people are describing to you on this site, are typical symptoms of Chronic Selenium Toxicity.

Sounds like an emergency to me.   I would get her to a veterinarian A.S.A.P.   She may have ingested a toxin.  

Let us know what the Vet says... 


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