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my dog is having muscle spasms on the right side of neck. What causes them?

Posted by karma55

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It could be a response to an injury, such that done to a muscle or muscles caused by straining on a leash or running to the end of a run and getting snapped to a stop. It could also be caused by a damaged cervical (neck) disk which can be very painful.  Any treatment would depend on the cause so it would be a good idea to have your dog examined by your veterinarian. For sure, I'd avoid using a collar and leash on your dog or tying him to a run for now, and use a harness instead.
my dog has a muscle spasms on left side of his neck the vet prescribe him rimedyl yesterday tuesday when do you think he should feel better? is now wednesday evening
My almost 2 year ols frenchie has been experiencing this for about a week and a half. It is progressing fast, i took her into vet after a week of watching her go through this and he said its either a strain or something more serious like a disk displaced. He gave her a shot of steriods and it worked that night. He also prescribed her tagamet and steriods for five days. if it persisits he said she will need surgery (that we cant afford) immediately. Does anyone know if i can keep her on the steroids for awhile so we can figure out how we will pay?
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