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my dog is eating very little and when she does she vomits. She also runs in the garden and eats grass like she has never been fe

Posted by kerry

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Vomiting is one of those signs that can be confusing about a dog.  Because of most dogs' inquisitive nature and willingness to put just about anything into their mouth, an occasional vomiting spell is not uncommon.  An occasional episode of vomiting is mostly just a signal for the dog owner to be a little more observant of the dog's activities, what they are eating, what they are getting into, etc.

However, when vomiting becomes more frequent, such as you are describing, your dog needs a professional evaluation.  There are way too many causes of frequent vomiting to list them all right here.  Suffice it to say that if your dog is eating very little and vomiting when she does eat, that demands a closer look.

Helpful Buckeye

Thank you so much im going to book her into the vets. she has lost to  much weight for us to try and help her ourselves she seems happy but she has lost to  much weight and vomiting like this is not normal thank you again will keep you informed x

More food for thought. :-)  Dogs who periodically vomit and eat grass may also do so for behavioral reasons because stress can do a number on the gut.  Usually this results in increased activity and the secretion of digestive enzymes that can irriate the lining of the empty stomach or gut. If that's the case, the dog may eat grass and vomit yellowish fluid in an attempt to relieve the discomfort.

So when collecting information re: this kind of nonspecific vomiting, it's a good idea to pay attention to what was going on behaviorally, too. Did your 3-year-old nephew chase the dog? Was the dog harrassed by the dog next door?  Are there workmen in and out of the house? Have you or others in the household been particularly stressed by something recently?



If the underlying stress isn't addressed, this can eventually lead to medical problems

My mam seems to think that it is stress related we have her dad and uncle aswell my mam thinks that there doing stuff to her wen were out they have been done so there will b no puppies. But she moves away wen they come in the room and wont eat wit them she eats in a seperate room. She isnt vomiting bile its  the all the food that she has ate tthe full pouch or can. x
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