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my dog is bleeding though his mouth which seems to be his gums. It's Christmas and no one is open what should I do?

Posted by KaylaB

Tell me what I can do with house supplies or something I or a neighbor would have.


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Bleeding from the gums can occur for multiple reasons as different as a gum infection, a wound (from chewing on something hard and/or sharp that cut them) to bleeding disorders. The first this is to open your dogs mouth and look at the gums as well as his tongue and the roof of his mouth to determine where the blood in coming from and if there's anything in there that could be causing the problem. (For example, dogs who chew sticks may get them wedged in the roof of their mouths sometimes.) If the teeth are grungy, it's probably periodontal disease and needs veterinary care.  If it's a small cut or cuts from chewing something sharp, keep a close eye on him and watch him carefully for signs of vomiting, diarhhea or other indications that he swallowed something he shouldn't have. Most bleeding in response to minor trauma usually takes care of itself in a relatively short time. That associated with periodontal disease or a bleeding disorder does not. If your dog is still bleeding today, do have him examined by your veterinarian.
My dog has what appears to be a never-healing scab on her gum (outside of mouth) from chewing some hard dental chews. Is there something I can apply to the gum to get it to heal?
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