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My dog is acting strange and i do not know whats wrong, I need some advice

Posted by Gabrielle S.

I have a Siberian Husky about 5 years old.

Shes done this once before but stopped and started acting normal..

First she began to not listen to anyone and act like her toy was her baby or something, got very protective over it when she is never like that. She began to pull out the hair on her belly area, no where else. She was barely drinking or eating, and just stayed curled up in her corner.

Then soon she started to chew at her nipples and i do not understand why.

Like i said she snapped out of it before but this time she still hasnt, shes listening to people now but she wont stop chewing on two of her upper nipples and they are getting raw.


The first time she acted like this we took her to the vet and all the tests came back positive and nothing was wrong. They gave us some gel medication to put on her nipples and that was it.

We still have some of that gel medication and put it n her but she just licks it right off.

I really need some advice.

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It sounds to me that it could be some form of false pregnancy. Used to meet a dog in a park who was getting those.
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