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My dog ingested lead- what is a good home remedy to counteract that

Posted by Fiona's Mamma

My bulldog has been screaming with pain in front legs and feet, sleeps a lot, seems generally lathargic, possible constipation. definite changes in behavior. I found a halfeaten lead pencil under her bed. what should I do
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Thank-you so much for the info on the pencils. Its a comfort to know since it seems a constant struggle to have my 3 year old keep her pencils off the floor! I called the vet, told them about the pencil and also told them I had trimmed her nails (I got 1 to short ) and they said with the below 20 degree  temps she was most likely getting to much cold up thru open nails and it chilled her to the bone and caused her pain therefore the screaming then sleepiness etc. I put boots on her a few times to put her out and she is almost back to normal. Thank-You again!

The lead in the pencil isn't actually's graphite, which is a form of carbon and cannot cause lead poisoning.  However, if she did eat part of the pencil, the fragments of wood could certainly cause some digestive problems.

You should have her examined by your veterinarian ASAP, just in case.

Helpful Buckeye

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