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My dog has soft stools w/mucus but still has energy does not seem lethargic

Posted by wendy

I adopted an mini aussie Rye, the previous owner actually had him on artificial grass with a dog run in the garage. Rye was very thin and his coat was a disaster (they were giving him a bath every week.)  He was fearful of men and not very socialize.  They were feeding Rye a very expensive food but failed to send any with him so I could start him on another food.  The food I gave him he started to throw up and have diarhea I tried another dog food and same results. Now I have him on boiled chicken and rice and feed him small meals several times a day. The problem is his stools are still soft and with some mucus no blood as far as I can tell. I also have been giving him 1ml of pepto bismo every 6 to 8 hours. He is still thin and I would really like to get some weight on him. he seems to have plenty of energy and a good appetite.

It has been suggested he may have picked something (possibly giardia) up at the dog park. I really hate to stop going there because he gets so much exercise trying to herd the other dogs and he also likes going.  I take him for walks several times a day so he is getting plenty of excerise through out the day.

  Does anyone have any suggestions? Help!

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