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My dog has mast cell cancer, her liver is enlarged and is on prednisone, plus diphenhydramine and famodidine.

Posted by Elliesmom

My little girl Ellie has a mast cell tumor on her butt that cannot be removed as they cannot get enough margins.  She has been on pred., diph, and fam for probably 5 months total now.  Her liver is enlarged and suddenly night before last she started vomiting and it lasted all night and morning.  She did not want to eat and was feeling very poorly.  I took her to her doctor Saturday and she will stay there til Monday.  Her doctor said that if she keeps vomiting I might want to think of what to do for her as far as possibly (this is hard to write) euthenasia.  Is there any alternative to this?  What about holistic methods for comfort or anything.  Anything that would help my little girls?   Thank you
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It sounds like you and Ellie have had a rough experience for the last 5 months with what is considered to be the most frequent malignant cancer of dogs.  Your veterinarian has tried the commonly accepted forms of therapy and this mast cell tumor has just gotten ahead of everything.  With the persistent vomiting and probable liver involvement, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to continue oral forms of treatment.  That leaves you with either injections or intravenous forms of medication, nutrition, and fluids.  I agree with your veterinarian's suggestion that you seriously consider euthanasia as your way of offering Ellie her final release from this illness.

Helpful Buckeye

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