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My dog has been sick since August, she's 12 years old, and her face swelled up on the left side in August.

Posted by kferg619

 The Vet said she had an abcessed tooth and pulled it out.  It swelled up again, took her back, two weeks of antibiotics later, he did a biopsy, says she has osteomyelitis, a bone infection. he also took xrays and said her jawbone is deteriorating. Since then she has been on more antibiotics,still not working. They just did another biopsy and a culture, they think it may be cancer, even though the first biopsy said it wasn't cancer.
They have her on IV antibiotics which still aren't working.  If her bone has deteriorated as badly as they say, will it repair itself?Also, why can't they find an antibiotic that works, if it is an infection?
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