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My dog has been acting very strange lately. She is acting very withdrawn and depressed for no apparent reason.

Posted by Amber B.

 There have been no major changes in her life and she has no reason to have a sudden emotional change. She almost acts like someone recently abused her. She has also recently been chewing on her tail to the point that it bleeds and scabs. Ive been putting cortizone cream on it. I want to take her to the vet to see if anything is wrong but I dont know what to say to the vet..."shes acting weird." Any advice?
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Some dogs may assume a more submissive posture when they're experiencing discomfort. In my experience, this more often occurs in dogs who are experiencing rear end discomfort, which might be problems related to anal glads or arthritis that could be causing her to chew her tail. This occurs because problems in this area make a dog feel more vulnerable for behavioral as well as medical reasons.

When you make an appointment with your veterinarian, all you need to say is that she's chewing her tail and that it's obvious that something is bothering her.  I suspect that a complete physical examination--including a rectal exam--will reveal that physical discomfort is affecting her mood. Once you address that, she'll bounce back. Also be sure to interact with her in a way that communicates your confidence in her. Sometimes it's very tempting to baby animals when they're not feeling well, but doing so can actually undermine the animal's confidence in the owners and themselves.

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