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My dog has a swollen pancreas and liver, could this be caused by food poisoning?....

Posted by karess82

She is a one year old boxer, and was kept over night last night at the vet's bc she was dehydrated and he wanted to keep her on IV fluids... She had been vomiting for 2 days straight and had diarrhea... She refused to eat or drink...

I was asked if she may have gotten into anything and I can't think for the life of me what it could have been... Her symptoms came on so suddenly... 

I discovered late last night that I had a bag of potatoes on the top of my fridge that had rotted, and had been overtaken by friut flies... It was leaking rot onto the floor... I quickly cleaned it up and bleached everything, but is it possible that if she had eaten some of this it could have caused her illness?...


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Sometimes dogs can become very ill from eating garbage and the cause in that case is usually bacterial. Relative to rotten potatoes, it's possible that the fluid from them contained micro-organisms that irritated the her stomach and intesting but I'd only be guessing at what they might be. I'd tell your veterinarian and he or she can call one of the veterinary poison control services and speak to a vet toxicologist about this and other possibilities.
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