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My Dog has a Swollen Liver and will not eat or drink?

Posted by becky

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Hi Becky,

Has your dog been to a vet? Not drinking is not good at all. I'd be more concerned about the not drinking than not eating because when an animal is sick, they naturally fast themselves. But the not drinking is enough reason to get your dog to a vet. How do you know that the liver is swollen?


This sounds quite serious,  please get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible and then let us know what is going on !

BeckyI agree with the above comments in that, if you or someone else is just guessing your dog has a swollen liver, you need to make sure that's what the problem is. If your  veterinarian has already told you this, then you need to that person what is causing the swelling  and what you can do to keep your dog comfortable at home.  Unfortunately, the liver performs many different functions so anything that affects its ability to work normally is serious. And because one of its functions is to assist in digestion, what you feed your dog  as well as how much and how often can be very important. So if you haven't had your dog examined by a veterinarian, please do it. But if you already have but didn't get the kind of information you need to ensure your dog's well-being at home, get it. If you normally find it difficult to communicate with your veterinarian, this is one time to get over any fears and call for more information.
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