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my dog frequently urinates, even on my carpets..are there any home remedies?

Posted by sashasmom

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More information is needed to help you with this.  However,  you need to have your dog checked out and maybe even have a urinalisis done.  Once you know if this is a physical problem or mental/behavior we can possibly help you with your dogs problem.
I agree with De Jeannie's comments. Keep notes re: where and when your dog urinates as well as pay attention to how much your pet is eating and drinking. Dogs who feel stressed in their territories may use urine to mark that which they consider most valuable to them to scare off perceived threats. On the other hand, urinary tract infections and some diseases--such as Cushing's disease--are also associated with increased urination. Also, it's possible to have both medical and behavioral issues present at the same time.  For example, a dog who isn't feeling well physically may also feel more vulnerable which could lead the dog to mark. On the other hand, a dog stressed enough to mark could be producing sufficient stress hormones to tax his/her adrenal glands and/or other organs and systems that could contribute to medical problems.
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