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My cat is 8 years old, the whites around her eyes are yellow, his mouth as well. What is she lacking or what disease is this?

Posted by C

My cat is 8 years old, and I just noticed the whites of her eyes are turning yellow, and her ears/mouth a little too.

Does this have anything to do with kidneys, is she lacking something?

Anyone know??

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What you are seeing is known as jaundice (or icterus, medically).  The color results from the build-up of certain bile pigments in the blood.  Some of these situations can be reversed and some cannot.  Your cat needs to have a full physical exam and some blood testing done in order to determine the cause.  Then, you would have a better idea if this is reversible.

Helpful Buckeye

Thank you! Sounds serious. What happens if this condition is irreverible? Do you know what this could affect in my cat? Or worse death??

Jaundice is serious.  That's why I suggested a full exam and blood lab work.  It's important to find what's causing the jaundice in order to know if it's reversible or not.  Jaundice, by itself, won't kill your cat...but, the underlying disease that's causing the jaundice could.

Helpful Buckeye

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