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My 3 yr old mini pin just had an episode and has a blown pupil now. What could this be?

Posted by Limabeans

My 3 yr old mini pin just had an episode where she acted dizzy, whined a few seconds, held her head to the side, was wobbly, couoghing oddly. I picked her up, calmed her and after just a few minutes she is acting normal, aside of the blown pupil. She does have slight cataracts. She has not had any trauma. I have no idea what could cause this. I am in a very rural area, in deep woods with no vet with in hours.
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You have thrown a lot of pieces of information into a short question.  What do you mean by, "a blown" pupil?  How do you know she has cataracts (which would be unusual in a 3-year old dog)?

The spell you described could be related to a neurologic problem or to a circulatory problem.  The list of what can lead to either of these is fairly long.  I would suggest making good observations of her if this happens again and then be sure to have her examined the next time you get back to wherever the nearest veterinarian is located.

Helpful Buckeye

Thanks Buckeye!

She was an abused rescue. When she was a puppy she had her hind leg broken from being thrown as well as what my vet "thinks" could have been an eye injury from abuse that caused her cataract/s as well. One eye is pretty well cloudy, the other is barely seen unless you use a light. But we have no way to be sure. I have had her since she was just shy of 9 months. We know she was thrown and hurled on to sofas and perhaps there is an underlying head injury that something weak finally gave way.. I don't know if that's even possible. I just hope it was a one time thing and she will fine.

This morning I can see some of her iris. The blown pupil is also the eye with the bad catatact. When I mean blown, last night during the event, her eye was 100% black pupil, no iris to be seen and she kept her other eye tightly closed.

Today I am happy to report she is back to acting herself. She will be going to her vet in Jacksonville Monday morning no matter how normal she is acting now or then.

I have been a vol. for birds of prey rescue and rehab and I know that blown pupils are signs of (recent) head injury or often toxic intake... both I can say she hasn't had. Confused, but feeling better.


Thanks again.


First of all, Kimberly, you are to be commended for adopting a rescue dog, especially one with this history of abuse.  Your dog probably feels like she's in "dog Heaven" living with you!

Now that you've described more of her history, I agree that her current problems most likely stem from some type of head injury when she was younger. Jacksonville (if it's the one in Florida) should have a veterinary neurologist available for consultation if your regular veterinarian cannot pinpoint the problem.

I hope she is over the worst of this problem and that she will be with you for many years!

Helpful Buckeye



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