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My 11 yr old springer is having bad back problems, I have tried meds. that help little, now I considering thc, can it damage his

Posted by Chipi

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What kind of back problems?  Are the symptoms similar to arthritis?  I have a 12  year old golden retriever that had torn her rear left acl years ago and had surgery.  A couple yeasr ago she torn her right one.  Because of that she was unable to lift her hind quarters at all.  The vet didn't recommend surgery because of the weakened left knee.  We started her on a supplement called Bosweillia, 2 pills with breakfast, 2 pills with dinner.  It's an accumliative effect so be patient, we started to see a difference within 1 week.  She has been on this now for 2 years and she "runs" up and down our staircase.  We checked with our vet before starting her on it and he said to try it, it actually takes it himself.  He has been amazed with the results.  Good luck!
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