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Meandering With Myrn: Episode 232

Posted Feb 13 2013 6:26am

Water, Water Everywhere

I’m a big fan of contrast, whether it be in animal behavior, the human-animal bond, photography, food, scientific findings, music, literature, you-name-it. If I had to guess why I’d say because experience has taught me that the more unrelated two concepts superficially appear to be, the more they likely have something in common. And many times more or common with each other than those who appear more like.

As a result, the day I happened to read two articles that appeared in two different publications on two seemingly  unrelated subjects I immediately started thinking about how the two were related.  One was about the melting polar ice cap and the other was about the amazing Ashfall Fossil beds in Nebraska . Can you guess the connection

Also one error to ‘fess up on. I mentioned using melted polar ice to make beer and referred to Iceland. While Icelanders may be making beer while their landmass melts, the concept originated in Greenland in 2006. Six years later the residents may need that beer as they face the results of a massive melt in 2012 .

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