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Marlo the Great Dane – ANOTHER Blond Girl! »

Posted Jun 16 2010 12:00am

I don’t know how I’ve gotten to be so blessed as to have so many beautiful girl dogs on my blog but I AM, WOOF! And today is no exception to the rule as I present to you Ms. Marlo (aka Mimsy) ANOTHER blond Great Dane girl, WOOF! You’ll recall I have shared her pack leader, Ms. Reese (aka Sissy-Sass) and their other pack mate Andy (aka Dudeness) recently during Great Dane month. Now this week I am sharing Marlo and I swoon with love! Isn’t she just da bomb! I will also be sharing the story about Gabe the rescued Great Dane that Marlo’s human, Kim, mentions below. Plus my little buddy Dudley (aka Duds) is going to be sharing the Great Danes that graced his home before he was the main canine.

I think it is pretty timely sharing Great Dane Month in light of the fact that the new movie, Marmaduke, has come out. We want everyone to know that just bepaws the dogs (yes in the plural as they always use more than one dog for these movies) seem so pawsome doesn’t mean that a Great Dane is for everyone. You need to do your homework humans before bringing home ANY dog. But we want you to know that caring for us giant breed dogs is not a simple, easy task. Plus we are guardian breeds, get VERY big and we are VERY strong. Make sure you know that and NEVER go on the cute factor, WOOF!

Here’s what Marlo’s human Kim has to say about her – in the second photo Marlo is the one sort of behind Ms. Reese. She’s rather shy and not a camera hound like some of the others hehe Marlo is what I would call a textbook Great Dane. She is gentle, kind, and loving. She is regal and is a guardian of the house – yet, she is friends with all. Great Danes are the Apollo of Dogdom and Marlo certainly is at 36″ at the shoulders and 150 lbs – this is big for a girl Dane! She is also an American Champion, finishing her title at 17 months of age. Her registered name is CH SisCo’s Bada Bing and was bred and is owned by my sister and I.

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