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Maltese(4 years old female) just had Rabies or Bordatella vaccines reaction. I am death to worried she would die because of this

Posted by Malteser

My little 4years old Maltese had vaccine severe reaction 2 years ago. I need to travel, so to show the vaccine paperwork to bording, my maltese just had her 3rd rabies and 2nd Bordatella in her life. She was planned to get the Rabies shot next year but the vet's receptionist was mistakenly wrote it down "Rabies shot 2013" and my little Maltese had gotten yesterday... (I found it's wrong and told them then they didn't charge me for the rabies of course).  Before that I mentioned them that she had DH4LP vaccine reaction 2 years ago though we agreed to give her rabies and Bordatella since she was okay with them 2 years ago... And then yes, she got reaction yesterday. I feel I am so stupid after reading your article regarding side effect of vaccination!!!!!!! Why I agreed with him to shot my little maltese vaccines... She is now resting on the couch. I hope it dosen't affect to her health...   
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