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Lump Problem

Posted Jan 15 2009 5:01pm

Question :

My puppy has a lump on her back paw. I am able to touch it without causing her
any discomfort, and it seems to be hard, and shows to have blood circulating too
the lump. The lump has been growing slowly over the past month. Any

Answer :


The lump has following genesis:
1. Tumorous tissue - benignant or malignant
2. Hematoma - a extravessel blod in newmade cavity
3. Abscess - pus in newmade cavity.

In first possibility make cytological examination of sample taken by biopsy of a lump.
In two other cases should be made punction and examination of the liquid from the lump.
In case of tumor it should be extracted with surgery.
If it is abscess then it is possibility of presence of foreign body such as fox tail or etc. Check for foreign bodies and extraction shoud be performed.

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