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Loss of appetite, bad breath and smelly farts..

Posted by Viesha

About 5 days ago I took my dog to the vet after getting a bone stuck on her tooth. He had to sedate her as it wasn't coming off with ease. Since then, she has had a loss in appetite, her farts are smelly and frequent and has bad breath. She's also become quite placid, generally an energetic and playful dog always getting into mischeif. While she still gets up and is excited for us to come home, she just dosen't seem herself. She is a 10 month old malamute x kelpie, I've never seen her not eat and generally sits watching us waiting for a handout. Lately, she's not even interested in that. Physically, she looks okay.. just sad. No signs of discomfort and no complaining. Unusual for her to be so quiet, yet.. still gets up from time to time to have a little bark. Any suggestions?
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I would recommend a vet check up, would be worried about possible infection or reaction to meds if on any
Give her time to get back to feeling like herself.  Bieng so young she should go through it with ease.  maybe you should try giving her one of her favorite treats to excite her.  : )
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