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Looking for advice about an eye problem my dog is having.

Posted by beckyben

Two weeks ago the "inner eyelid" on the inside corner of my dogs eye became more prominent.  Over a peried of a cople of days it became very red and swollen with the whole eye area appearing alarmingly swollen.  By the time we had a vet appt the following day the eye was greatly improved.  We went through another cycle of this last week with a quick worsening and improvement over a period of days.  Now, the eye is looking much better but there is a very prominent area of swelling in her head area (superior and lateral to the eye socket).  Do you have any thoughts on what this might be?
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What you are describing is most likely an inflamed glans nictitans, which is located on the back side of the 3rd eyelid.  All dogs have this "extra eyelid" at the inside corner of each eye and it is usually only visible as a small pink object at that spot.  For various reasons, the glans part can become inflamed and the resulting swelling actually pushes it forward, inverting the whole membrane.  Sometimes, this swelling will resolve itself and go away.  More frequently, however, treatment will involve eye medications or possibly surgical removal of the glans.  You should have your veterinarian take a look at the situation.

Helpful Buckeye

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