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Lets help eachother help our furry friends.

Posted by Furever

I have a sick llhasa apso.  It's heartbreaking!!  I never dreamt that seeing my lil friend sick could affect and hurt so much.  I took him to the vet, but she didn't seem very sure of what was going on exactly.  She sent him home with steriods and now it is a matter of time.  I have been saddened and inspired by my lil Scruffy that I came up with Furever Hope.  I decided to do this, because like a lot of people out there, it's hard to pay those vet bills and get the actual care our lil friends need.  I don't know for sure yet if it's too late for Scruffy, and  I hope it's not, but I also want to help families and individuals with their sick pets as well.  Please visit Furever Hope.  -- Please like and share the page as well.  Let's get the awareness out there.  They shouldn't have to suffer.  Let's help eachother help our lil friends, because they do become a very big important part of our lives.  -- Anyone is welcome to share their stories and pictures on the page as well.  Thank you. 
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