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Leaving a Legacy of Natural Dog Health Care

Posted Apr 15 2011 4:03pm

When I started this blog in 2004, my goal was to share all about natural health for a wide variety of animal species (my colleague and I are now doing this on the Animal Naturopathy News Blog – our latest endeavor that Shadrach inspired for me). But because of Shadrach’s BIG influence in my life I decided it would be more fun to blog from his perspective (knowing and loving him as I did and still do) and to focus on canines. I’m glad I did that as Shadrach did indeed leave many people feeling as if they knew him personally, AND they have also told me that if not for this blog they’d have not learned how to care for their dogs naturally, proactively.

Shadrach is who inspired them as you’ll see if you visit his Memorial Page . Let me share a couple by two friends…

Ariana Reynolds (who found me and Shadrach because of Shadrach’s aromatherapy blog, A Dog’s View , featuring Young Living Essential Oils ) said this in response to the quote on Shadrach’s memorial page about his mission in life: A much needed mission and still is, as I sit here watching Hero and Bear chomping on some raw meat and bones . Those Boys are sooooo Grateful to Shadrach too cause food never tasted so good. Bear slurping says Yum and Hero working it. Had Shadrach not been on a mission the health of these Beastie boys and so many others would be very much be compromised. Thank you Shadrach! <3

Ellen Welk , a VND candidate at Kingdom College, who works on our newsletter team for the American Council of Animal Naturopathy wrote this to me when I asked her if they would mention Shadrach in the May newsletter: Well, the next Newsletter needs to be dedicated to “The Shad” of course! After all, he is one of the BIG reason’s we are all doing this, right?!?…With each love lost, we all become stronger against those who have misled us from truth!!! Praise God that “grace abounds” and that His work is being accomplished! Thank you, Kim, for being a leader in this field!

Shadrach left a legacy that needs to continue so, continue it will. And someday his successor will come along and pick up the mantle that he left. Until then, everyone will have to be content with his human’s version of things :-)

This was another of Shadrach’s mottos brought to mind one difficult day as his days were ending by another VND candidate and friend, Angela Rector, for which I will aspire to live up to by continuing his legacy: There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you only do it when its convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuse, only results. ~Kenneth Blanchard

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day!
Dr. Kim, missing Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

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