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Labrador With painful back legs

Posted Nov 21 2008 10:18am


My 15 month lab has painful back legs for last 6 weeks (initially the left, now

the right). X-rays of the hips normal, possible effusion left stifle. I have
now noticed that she has acanthosis in her axillae - can you link these two
symotms/signs? (I am a human doctor!



Common causes for bilateral hind leg lameness in a young Labrador include:
- Hip dysplasia (ruled out by the x-ray)
- Soft tissue injuries: Muscle strain / Ligament sprain / Bruises
- OCD (= OsteoChondrosis Dissecans) of the stifle or the hock. When it affects the hock, there is usually an obvious swelling whihc is not found on your dog. When it affects the stifle, it may not be all that easy to diagnose.
- Cruciate ligament injury
- Panosteitis

In view of the possible stifle effusion, I would recommend to review the x-rays on the look-out for either OCD lesions or any sign indicative a cruciate injury.

Regarding the acanthosis in the axillae, I cannot link it with the hindleg lameness. Obviously, if one could find similar skin lesions on the hind legs, then the situation would be different. Acanthosis in that area is not a normal finding and I would recommend to smear the lesion to indentify a possible malassezia or demodetic mite infection.

Best wishes, Julien


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