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Kitten died of hepatitis, how long do i have to wait before getting a new one?

Posted by uschi

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The most accurate answer is that it depends on the cause of the hepatitis. All the term "hepatitis" means is that something caused inflammation of the liver. If this was related to  a birth defect, you could get another kitten at any time. If it was caused by a toxin/poison, you could get another kitten as soon as you cleaned up or secured the source of the toxin/poison. If it was caused by an infection, it depends on what kind of infection. Assuming a veterinarian made the diagnosis, he or she would be the person to ask which one of these describes the hepatitis that causedy our kitten's death.

Well the kitten went in with catflue, 2 days later they said he developed jaundice and ultimatly died of hepatitis, we went to the SPCA to adopt a new one, but they said that the vetenarian advised we wait 2 months. This was my daughters kitten and I could not bear to tell her that the little thing died. I have already washed and steralized his bed, bowls, and scrathing post. I got the kitten and puppy at the same time, so that they could grow up together, now my eldest has the puppy and the youngest is desperatly wanting a new kitten. If i wait 2 months will the daschhund puppy (9 weeks now)accept the new kitten or will i have issues?

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