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Kennel cough treatments

Posted Dec 20 2010 7:12am

I found good article about  Kennel cough treatments


500 ml Blend. Dose 2-5 ml twice daily: $44.50
(Note: The cap from the Blend holds approx 10ml – at the recommended dose the Blend provides a 7-17 week course.)

This mixture of Lung Tonics with Garlic and Kelp has been formulated to help with coughs and respiratory problems of all descriptions. I developed the mixture over 10 years ago and it has always proven to be extraordinarily reliable even in this day of antibiotic resistant infections.

I have large numbers of people all around the world who have found the Kennel Cough treatment and completely cured very and persistant infections in a matter of a very few weeks.

The mixture imcludes:- Cider Vinegar, Fresh Garlic, Elecampane Herb, Fengreek Seed, Marshmallow Herb, Mullein Herb, Nettle Herb, Pine Bark herb, Yarrow Herb, Rosehips Herb, Kelp Powder, Coltsfoot and Olive.

It stimulates the chest muscles and the mucus membranes of the lungs to clear residues and infections while at the same time building up resistance and cleaning the blood.

At the first sign of Kennel Cough the mixture should be given to all dogs in the kennel at the rate of 2-5 ml morning and evening.

After any such episode this dosing should be continued for two weeks after all signs have gone, to completely rebuild the immunity.

incoming search terms Is Cider Vinegar Fresh Garlic Elecampane Herb Fengreek Seed Marshmallow Herb Mullein Herb Nettle Herb Pine Bark herb Yarrow Herb Rosehips Herb Kelp Powder Coltsfoot and Olive safe for a dog on vetmedin

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