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Is Your Family a Cat Family or a Dog Family?

Posted May 18 2012 10:01pm

If your family is ready to get a pet, but you are not sure whether you should get a dog or a cat, you have a tough decision on your hands. Dogs and cats are very different in personality, temperament and what they like to do, so it is important that you not only assess your family’s wants and needs, but also whether those will align with the animal’s.
The debate between dog lovers and cat lovers has waged for years, and there are good and bad qualities to both. Read on for some guidelines as to whether your family should consider a cat, a dog, or both.
• You should opt for a cat if Your family is very busy and does not have a lot of time to devote to a pet, but still has a lot of love to give. Cats do not need to be walked, and they sleep for most of the day, which means they won’t miss you while your family is at work and school. They are very low maintenance, only needing their cheap cat food and water bowls filled and their litter box to be cleaned often. They do require love and attention, but because they sleep so much during the day, they will not be upset if you are only able to give them this type of care on nights and weekends. They are also very independent, and prefer to be left alone often.
• You should opt for a dog if Your family is able to devote a considerable amount of time to the care of the dog. You need to be able to work out a schedule for walking him and feeding him and he will need to be let out to use the potty often. Depending on the breed you choose, the dog may need to be let out multiple times during the day, so if everyone is gone all day long, a dog may not be a good choice. Dogs also crave a lot of playtime and need you to be there for them often, so consider this when your family is deciding on a pet.

Some families are able to have both a dog and a cat and there is no problem, as they have the time it takes to care for both animals. Weigh the options carefully before selecting between a dog or a cat, but either one can have great rewards for your family

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