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Is there a natural cure for mucus in dogs bm, I am a student and am on a limited budget, however I am worried about our dog?

Posted by prodigalaz

My dog Layla has occasional bm that is in like a pocket of mucus, there is not a smell and it is not everyday.  I noticed last night in her normal bm there was fresh blood, she is eating and drinking and appears to be fine, but I am concerned.
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With out a more complete history on your dog it is hard to know much,  however, the first place to look is at her diet.   Is she on a commercial, processed pet food?   What are the ingredients?  

A home cooked diet or better yet a raw meat and bone diet is the best nutrition and would most likely eliminate what is causing her stool problems in pretty short order.  

If she were my dog, I would put her on a good probiotic and enzymes supplement as soon as possible at the very least!  :-)

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