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Is my Cavalier's hernia operation a success? It's raised, hard, scabby and lumpy after 4 days.

Posted by ablalo

Male Cavalier, age 5 months.

Has NOT bitten or licked the site - Elizabethan collar on at all times.

 Stitch line is hard and sticking out............

 I cannot return to the original vet (different state), but I'm not sure any return is necessary. The first guy told me the stitches would dissolve over time or I could remove them myself as long as I did not 'pull the knot through.' What do you think? Should the line be perfectly FLAT or is bulging OK and NOT a sign of another tear???

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You didn't specify what type of hernia was surgically repaired but I am assuming it was an umbilical hernia. 

Ideally, the suture line would be flat or almost flat.  However, this type of surgery can result in a certain amount of inflammation, swelling, and possible additional scar tissue formation...especially if it has been difficult to keep the dog quiet and not jumping a lot.

As long as the bulging area is not soft to the touch, you probably don't have another tear.  If you have any doubts whatsoever about what you are seeing or feeling, you should have a veterinarian look at it.

Helpful Buckeye

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