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Inquiry about Recurrence Rates of Fibrosarcomas in Dogs

Posted by fostermom

My dog had a malignant tumor removed about 8 months ago (a fibrosarcoma). It was removed a week after initial discovery and he has had additional x-rays and ultrasounds to rule out any new growths. I worry about recurrence because of his young age at diagnosis (an estimated 3-4 years old), which surprised numerous veterinarians. Although the margins of the removed tumor were slim in areas, all malignant cells were removed during surgery. I opted not to treat with additional radiation, but instead go for quarterly x-rays and ultrasounds as well as nightly full-body checks to spot any new or abnormal growths. Although I have fostered numerous dogs in the past, my adopted dog is the first canine I've owned. Does anyone have information on the recurrence rate for this type of tumor in a dog so young? Thank you kindly for reading.
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Fibrosarcomas can be difficult to properly remove and difficult to manage, with or without surgery.  I am enclosing a short paragraph from the Merck Veterinary Manual:

Fibrosarcomas in dogs are invasive tumors; ~10% metastasize. Factors that affect whether a fibrosarcoma can be completely excised include the surgeon’s skill, intent of the surgical plan, rate of growth (as defined by the mitotic index and quantity of necrosis), degree of cellular atypia, and the tumor’s infiltrative nature, size, and location (which may require imaging to define properly). 

It sounds like you've discussed this at lengths with your veterinarian and as you have already learned, fibrosarcomas aren't the most predictable of soft tissue tumors.

Helpful Buckeye

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