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indwelling catheter in a dog with bladder cancer and inability to pass urine normally

Posted by christine

My dog has bladder cancer and as the disease has progressed she had found it harder to pass urine. On two occasions she has been 'blocked' and required emergency treatment.

Yesterday she had an indwelling catheter placed directly into her bladder. I will manually drain her bladder at intervals.

My major concern is the high risk of contaminatona dn subsequent infection.

Does anyone has some experience on a matter like this with dogs?

Thank you


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Hi Christine,


I've not experienced this but I'm sure you could ask your vet what to do. However, I like using natural things for healing and one that could help greatly with infection control is colloidal silver. They are not all created equal though, so remember that when looking for some. The one I like and use all the time I purchase at 

It can help with infection control without taking the toll on the intestines and immune system the way antiobiotics do. In other words it can be given orally to keep the body healthy internally and externally. 

You can also wash the area with the colloidal silver to keep it infection free.  Hope this helps.

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