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Immediate Release: Online exp...

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:20pm


Immediate Release: Online expos offer international exposure, contact and ease of access without the expense and hassle of travel and lodging hassle

With the cost of petroleum rising to critical mass, and the expense of running a business rising to match, there had to be a better way for dog businesses and aficionados to connect. No sooner than we can pose a problem in the 21st century the solution is often immediately before us and this is no exception. The 1st Annual Online Dog Expo is taking shape to bridge the gap over international waters with only a computer and internet access.

For most dog owners, fanciers, professionals, welfare advocates, breeders, and dog lovers worldwide typically have to travel to a destination to come together, especially for any worldwide events. Event Organizers, Kim Bloomer and Jeannie Thomason, hosts of the online radio show, Animal Talk Naturally! knew this would be a wonderful venue to bring dog aficionados together in one place without the expense, travel and hassle typically associated with offline dog expos.

“The only thing missing with an online event ARE the dogs but your own dogs can be lying comfortably by your feet as they are nestled in your bunny slippers while you sip a cup of java in your pajamas while you participate,” states Bloomer. ”

“I’ve been to a lot of dog shows as a natural rearing breeder of Boston Terriers, so I know how expensive the travel can be not to mention the time and hassle often involved. The Online Dog Expo ( ) will allow all of us to get together to share our expertise, educate and network with nothing more than a computer, internet connection and speakers” commented Thomason.

Both Bloomer and Thomason stated that if someone wants to participate verbally the only additional equipment needed will be a microphone otherwise text chat is also available. “With the incredible line up of speakers we have, the virtual dog show, giveaways, and other events this will be a nice educational and fun event for dog lovers to enjoy during the cooler season. We even have online exhibitor booths in a 3-D format that makes this very Jetsonish!” exclaimed Bloomer. The 3-D and technical aspect of the Expo is hosted and powered by Co-op World Communites

The Online Dog Expo will take place September 22-24, 2006 beginning at 7PM EST on the 22nd. Attendance is only $12.95 for the entire weekend and the entire expo will be available on CD after the event. For information on how to register, exhibit, or sponsor this event please contact event publicist Tammy Munson via email or call 940-782-7340.


Our virtual booths at the Expo:

Animal Talk Naturally! booth

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