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If not Ibuprofen, then what is best for a cat when it comes to pain relief?

Posted by Cindy Ale

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Why do you think your cat needs something for pain relief? Was he/she injured?

I'm sorry I didn't give any other detail about my cat's condition. I just wanted a punctual answer (one I've been looking all over the internet and no one gives), so as my question was. I wasn't asking for medical treatment, just for a substitute of Ibuprofen, since it isn't good for cats.

My cat was injured on a cat fight, he came home obviously in pain and with some teeth marks. It was late at night so I had to wait to the next day to take him to the vet, so I wanted to give him anything that could relief his pain. So I googled pain relief medicine for cats and everybody says Ibuprofen isn't the right thing to give to a cat but nobody said what is it that I should have given to him.

I think even a negative answer like "there's nothing you can give to a cat to relief its pain" is better than a non existing, or non informative answer to a very specific question. Wich is what I found on every site I went (including this one).

My kitty suffered all night, just to die the next morning, and there was nothing I could do to make him feel at least a little better. And who knows maybe there was something that could make him feel better, just in my medicine cabinet.




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