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Ice Melt Toxicity

Posted Feb 01 2011 12:37pm

Since is it snowing here today and downright frigid, I thought it a good time to go ahead and share this latest danger to us canines. Once again it is a product that makes things easy for humans so they don’t have to worry about ice and snow on the roads they travel in their vehicles.

But unfortunately the downside is, it can be dangerous for us canines AND other animals, not to mention the environment, WOOF!

Here’s the news

We did get to go for our morning walk and I didn’t have to wear my booties although I think I’d have been warmer with them…I did wear my elegant, debonair sweater though hehe. I can’t wear my booties where we live now bepaws the coyotes would laugh at me so I tough it out. Anyway, they don’t put that ice melt in our neighborhood so I don’t have to worry about that – our roads are all dirt. At any rate, I’m inside chilling by the fireplace now, WOOF!

So be careful out there and if you HAVE to wear those goofy dog booties (I should know I’ve had to wear them much to my humiliation in front of my girlfriends at the park), then that is better than having this toxic ice melt stuff affect your overall wellbeing canines.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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