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I’m just chillin’ here in the su...

Posted Sep 29 2008 4:51pm

ANIMA-tion ANIMAL Follies

I’m just chillin’ here in the sun…especially knowing that someone like Dr. Joubert has my back and the back of all of us carnivores, WOOF! He believes we should be fed according to nature and for us dogs he believes that is RAW MEATY BONES, YIPPEE!

Today on Animal Talk Naturally we have another Special Edition Show with veterinary dentist, Dr. Johan Joubert. Last month we had a very indepth show with him on April 1st. However the joke was on us because BlogTalk Radio had some pretty major technical difficulties that day and unbeknownst to us until AFTERWARDS, the show was not recorded. Dr. Joubert took it all in stride and in his usual manner said, “I feel empowered! Now the re-recording will be even better!” Join us for a very deep discussion, as we look at how we could be harming our animals by not understanding their nature by overly anthropomorphizing their needs.

Our Guest

Dr. Johan Joubert
Dr. Johan Joubert

Link to show: Special Edition: ANIMA-tion Animal Follies - Show #158
The Message: No fear: Break the Matrix!

Website to visit:

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Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, animal talkin’ day, WOOF!

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