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I’m grinning and tail waggin’ ha...

Posted Sep 29 2008 4:51pm

In Search of the Truth About Dogs...

I’m grinning and tail waggin’ happy bepaws I just watched with my mom Catherine O’Driscoll’s new DVD, “ In Search of the Truth About Dogs: An Introduction to Natural Canine Health “!!! One of my most FAVORITE things about this new DVD on natural canine health is all the rrrreally grrreat food Catherine O’Driscoll shows dogs eating, WOOF! And of course it isn’t that bunk in a bag but REAL dog food, aka MEAT and BONES, WOOF!

In Search of the Truth About Dogs

In “ In Search of the Truth About Dogs: An Introduction to Natural Canine Health “, Catherine goes about sharing the business of pet food and vaccines in a clear, concise manner with LOTS of interviews of veterinarians, dog owners and breeders. And the good news is the veterinarians in the DVD don’t push the status quo bepaws they have seen the light and genuinely truly care about our health and welfare. Now don’t go getting your undies in a bunch you other vets bepaws some just want to believe all their training even though they don’t see the benefits they expected. It all has its place but animal health care can’t be just in a pill, vaccine, bag or can!

I think - and since this DVD is about dogs I think I can claim an authority here - EVERY dog owner, no matter your profession, should own a copy of this DVD and share it. So that everyone can see the light so that ALL dogs can be healthy again, WOOF!

You can get a copy at Catherine’s website at OR go to and pick up a copy…you owe it to your dogs, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, naturally healthy canine day, WOOF!

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