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I'm sitting a Goldendoodle with allergies and they have her taking 3 Extra Strength (12mg)ChloroTriolon a day.

Posted by RedRover

I'm sitting a Goldendoodle with allergies and they have her taking 3 Extra Strength (12mg) ChloroTriolon a day. I'm sure this is vet recommended but human dosage is 1 every 12 hours. The poor dog is so hyper I feel terrible for her and would love to suggest an alternative or does this not sound like an excessive amount?

Thanks, Maureen


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My recommendation would be to call the owner's veterinarian, describe what you're seeing and ask that person what you should do.  If the vet prescribed the drug, he or she would want to be in the loop relative to any negative side-effects of the dosage and would also know what other problems the dog might have that could factor into this. If the vet didn't recommend the drug, he or she might suggest one that is more effective.
Thanks Myrna, I had an indepth conversations with Stella's owners and they have tried a variety of dosages and taking her off it completely. Unfortunately the itching and licking starts again quite readily. I think some of it could be behavioural, but as I've never experienced an animal with allergies it's all new to me.  Naturally we always hope that someone else may have had a break through experience to learn from!
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