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I’m glad that some people are fi...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:15pm

Pitbull Awareness Day

I’m glad that some people are fighting to stop the genocide, denigration of pitbulls. You see, it is NOT the dog, it is the HUMANS who are at fault. Have you ever thought that possibly the extreme AR is behind some of this? Well just take a look at PETA and others and you’ll see they are endorsing Breed Specific Legislation, especially against pitbulls bepaws once one breed is banned, then it opens the door for ALL breeds to be banned and ultimately no more breeding fulfilling their no birth nation agenda! So let’s support the Pitbull Awareness Day so that we dogs can be around for centuries to come abiding WITH humans in harmony and relegated to some wild, nature scene that the AR perceives in their twisted way that they think we want, WOOF!

Pitbull Awareness Day

Please consider adding your community to the growing list of towns planning events for October 20, 2007, to celebrate and promote responsible pit bull ownership:

Atlanta, Georgia
Indianapolis, Indiana (x2)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tacoma, Washington
Cleveland, Ohio
Fairbanks, Alaska
Geneva, New York
Winchester, Virginia
Orange County, California
Nashville, Tennessee (x2)
Hermitage, Tennessee
Cookeville, Tennessee
Birmingham, Alabama
Muncie, Indiana
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Houston, Texas
Wilmington, Delaware
Southeast, Wisconsin
Westbury, New York
Hope Mills, North Carolina

Because it seems responsible ownership only becomes an important issue when it is absent. We have designated October 20, 2007 as Pit Bull Awareness Day a day to promote and celebrate responsible pit bull ownership.

The simple fact is, we will never win the battle against BSL until we make strides against the epidemic of irresponsible ownership. Until that time, our dogs will continue to be the targets of fear, hate and discrimination.

Regardless of where you are located, please join Bless the Bullys and the Bull Breed Alliance of Tennessee in celebrating this wonderful breed and their devoted, responsible owners/advocates.

Please participate in an activity on October 20, 2007 to promote and celebrate responsible pit bull ownership. Regardless of the activity you choose - a candlelight vigil, an educational workshop, a ‘meet and greet,’ or a friendly get together - please sign up to participate to let people in your area know and participate to promote responsible ownership with you.

Thanks to artist, Cindy Brassfield, we have a couple very cute, new “spokesbullys” that grace our coloring sheets, wordfinds and crossword puzzle childrens’ games promoting responsible ownership and available for anyone who would like them.

Please visit the Bless the Bullys site to sign up for an event or to contact someone who is hosting an event in your area.


Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, bless the bullys, pitbull awareness day, WOOF!

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