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I’m getting doggone tired of thi...

Posted Sep 13 2008 6:22am

Shadrach the chagrined Neo Mastiff

I’m getting doggone tired of this insane Breed Specific Legislation and I want a Roverlution, WOOF! If you don’t think it matters that your dog isn’t on the “hit list” YET, well just read what our friend Marla from “A Dog’s Life” has to say about that and then read the press release from Kansas City and the Roverlution taking place there on October 28:

I know that most of you don’t live in the KC Area, but thought you might be interested in contacting this group about doing this protest in your communities or passing along to bully breed owners or rescues who might be interested. If you do live in the KC area, please pass along to anyone you think might be interested. If you are interested in flyers for your business, etc., please contact Becky Dyer and I’m sure she will get you the information ASAP.

If you are one of the many on this list who do not own a bully breed and think BSL will never touch you or your dogs, please, please, please re-think that and understand that this type of legislation has the potential to touch every breed before community governments are done. Over 50 breeds of dogs,including Boston Terriers, Samyoeds, many breeds of herding dogs, and all terrier breeds have been targeted. I can not imagine ever having someone telling me that I did not have a choice of what breed of dog was allowed to live in my home. I’ve got many friends with bully breeds and none of them are the “monsters” portrayed by the media. These breeds have been unfairly targeted, tried and convicted by irresponsible owners who can not even follow simple leash laws in many cases. What every community needs are responsible dangerous dog laws that protect not only children and non-dog owning citizens, but those that choose to make canines a part of their family.

~Marla Stout

Saturday, Oct. 28, 10:00 a.m.
KCMO, on the Country Club Plaza Horse Fountain at JC Nichols Parkway and 47th Street. Protesters will march the Dog-n-Jog Trail.

Becky Dyer
Hm: 913-268-6289
Wk: 913-261-3202 or

For more Info on getting your community involved:

100 Kansas City area citizens will join Brea, CA; Colorado Springs, CO and Indianapolis, IN, in ROVERlution’s Luv-a-Bully march, protesting breed discrimination and breed specific legislation.

Protesters are not in favor of vicious dogs and violence, in fact, they strongly support Dangerous Dog Ordinances already in effect in most cities, urging citizens to support programs on dog education and responsible ownership offered in their community.

Protesters maintain that increasing and widespread irresponsible ownership, mistreatment, indiscriminate over breeding, and exploitation of the American Pit Bull Terrier have been the root of the “Pit Bull Crises” in the Kansas City area this year. They point out that cities in which tragedies have occurred suffer relatively high crime rates, including drugs, dog fighting and violence, as well as inadequate animal control and animal welfare legislation, which protesters insist directly affect the safety of the community.

Protesters are seeking solutions and protection for dogs like the American Pit Bull Terrier who was brought to America to serve as a working dog: An all around farm dog and frontier guardian who was at one time beloved and regarded as an exceptional family companion and American Hero.

Laura Ingels Wilder, Helen Keller, Teddy Roosevelt, Michael J Fox, the Little Rascals and Buster Brown all owned American Pit Bull Terriers, obviously not as status symbols for crime and violence.

Protesters are opposed to:
* The exploitation of dogs in crime and violence
* Bans prohibiting law abiding citizens from rescuing and providing loving homes for dogs of certain breeds.
* Bans which violate citizens’ Constitutional Rights

No reputable study has found pit bulls to be inherently dangerous and no reputable ‘expert’ or organization supports breed specific legislation.

Dr. Paula Terifaj, owner of Founders Veterinary Clinic in Brea, CA and Pack-leader of Roverlution said, “Until such a time that all dogs are judged by their actual behavior and not stereotyped as breed aggressive, I will not actively participate in any attempt by the insurance companies or government to penalize responsible dog owners.”

Dr. Terifaj’s outrage at the growing trend toward Breed Specific Legislation is shared by thousands of dog owners across the country who have joined her movement, the ROVERlution. “Dog owners comprise 48% of the voting population. Politicians who do not recognize this fact will be feeling the bite of lost votes!”

Several area rescues and advocate groups will participate and offer helpful information to the public on responsible dog ownership, as well as ensuring the safety of their communities, because breed bans have not proven to be effective or necessary.

** Although family pets will not be participating, several special rescues will be available for adoption.

Organizers also request that participants in this peaceful march wear their Red, White and Blue in honor of the thousands of innocent dogs who have lost their lives to Breed Specific Legislation.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’ BSL-free, ROVERLUTION day, WOOF!

Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Natural Pet Care

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