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I’m a rrreally good boy, my Mom ...

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:34pm

Breed Bans, Owner prosecutions, and Vick

I’m a rrreally good boy, my Mom & Dad say so all the time. So why is my breed on the Breed Ban list? Why are over 80 breeds on the breed ban list??? Bepaws it isn’t DOGS who are bad, it’s humans who aren’t responsible. Mom always says a dog is a privilege not a right, WOOF! I’ve never hurt anyone in my life - although my former humans really hurt me a lot - but now my breed is on the breed ban list. Rrrrufff! Punish the deed NOT the breed, WOOF! Do you impound the cars who kill other humans in a drunk driving accident and then have the cars punished by death? Sounds silly but that’s what Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Banning is equivalent to. Chicago has a better plan to make dogs more a part of society…maybe I’ll have to move there, WOOF!

Law would muzzle dogs deemed dangerous
Statewide Breed Ban in Ohio
Vick Jersey’s Being Used to Clean Kennels
Councillor Wants Dublin Dogs Ban In Wales
Iris Winston . Banning without definition

Some good news from Chicago:
Chicago Dogs May Soon Be Legal At City Cafes

Have a pawsitively tail waggin, BSL-free day, WOOF!

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