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I have a black lab with canine cutaneous histiocytoma. Is there a supplement that can be given to help clear up this condition.

Posted by GLORIA

Since he is getting up in years I am reluctant to let him undergo surgery.  I have been giving him flax oil, grape seed extract, goldenseal, C, D, and garlic for several weeks now.  

What causes this condition ?





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How was this histiocytoma diagnosed?  Was it biopsied for a cytology evaluation?  

Histiocytomas are fairly common in dogs of any age, although they are more common in younger dogs.  They also will usually resolve spontaneously within 2-3 months without any treatment.  Therefore, I wouldn't suggest any supplement of any type.  However, you need to be sure this is actually a histiocytoma before you can relax.  Other types of skin tumors, such as mast cell tumors, can appear similar to histiocytomas but are much more serious to deal with.

Helpful Buckeye


I have a french bulldog with a histiocytoma diagnosis by aspirated cell biopsy.  It is on his left elbow and he keeps scratching it, cutting it open and making it bleed.  Can you cut off circulation to these things so they fall off?  I know you put elastics on lambs tails when they are born.  I read that a cortosone is good for itching, what about an antibiotic ointment with lidocane?  Are there any alternative ways to speed this process up- it is in such a precarios spot that the collar only stops the licking and pulling off the dressing?  I put bitter apple on the scratching foot so I would not want to lick that anymore.




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