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I have a 4yo Pitbull w/wierd skin lesions...any ideas?

Posted by yeahright_03264

I have a 4yo Pitbull, he had really bad puppy acne when he was young but seemed fine since. A couple months ago I noticed a lump under his skin on the outside of his left front leg, up near the shoulder & noted it (I notice EVERYTHING), a couple days later, it was gone, just disappered. He's had 2 more since except in different places (1 on the right side of his chest & 1 on his right shoulder, the top) & these both, kind of, exploded. None were any bigger than a dime & the ones that broke open just did that, looks like a bite wound (red, little blood but no pus)but right where there was a lump previously. They dont seem to itch or hurt him but if he needs a vet, I dont want to put it off b/c they seem fairly non-bothersome. He doesn't have fever or loss of appitite & only 1 had some hair loss around it...any ideas? (sorry so long) 
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First of all, since your dog is a Pit Bull, the short hair makes it easy for you to see these "bumps."  Therefore, you are probably noticing things that someone else would miss if their dog had longer or thicker hair.

Once these bumps open up, do they appear to be very deep or are they more superficial?  Have they closed over and healed in a normal fashion?

If there is no fighting involved, then these lesions are probably either a form of bacterial dermatitis or a skin fungus (like ring worm).

Just to be safe, it wouldn't hurt to have your veterinarian see these bumps either before or just after they open up.

Helpful Buckeye

They're def more superficial, just enough layers to bleed just a little, no oozing or anything & yes, they heal normaly (albeit a little slow on the fur grrowing back, lol). Thak you very much, I'll take him to the vet but not in a frantic panic (I worry too much, lol)
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