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I Feel You Humans!

Posted Sep 09 2012 3:11pm

Hah! And now there is a studying showing why we dog really do FEEL your pain humans…just another reason we are considered mankind’s BEST friend: .

I like to comfort my humans with one of my hugs, or grabbing a toy and acting goofy bepaws both always makes them smile and happy again.

And there is ANOTHER study done showing how much we canines appear to think like humans:

What I think is really going on is we are just so observant of your human behavior that we have adapted to how you do things. Too bad humans don’t pay as much attention to US and learn to interact with US according to how WE think, WOOF! I think there would be a LOT less canine surrenders and other problems if humans would learn that. And of course feed us what nature designed us to eat as carnivores and stop all the stinkin’ vaccines, but those are topics for another blog post.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHHICALLY healthy, dog loving day, WOOF!

And by the way we have a GREAT little elective/CE class at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy on Natural Dog Training, Behavior & Health .

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