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Huggable Danes

Posted Jun 18 2012 5:48pm

Huggable Danes, copyright 2012 Dr. Kim Bloomer Great Danes are often called “Gentle Giants” bepaws we really are AND we are BIG huggable/hugging Danes too! I am sharing some photos of two of my siblings (Woodstock is the one kissing/hugging his human Bob, and Henry is the one hugging his human Angel) who are BIG huggers just like MOI, WOOF!

It is sad to me to think that some cities around the world are banning certain breeds just bepaws we are BIG. But why does being BIG have anything to do with being banned? That doesn’t make any sense humans. Being big doesn’t have anything to do with being mean or aggressive – that can come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. Banning dogs period doesn’t have any foundation in common sense, WOOF!

Didn’t humans breed to create these breeds and for certain functions? Why then ban breeds that humans wrought about? It is the humans’ responsibility to ensure that we dogs are properly socialized and trained so we fit into your society. It is your responsibility to understand and know canine nature as well as the nature and tendencies of the breed you have chosen. It is your responsibility to make certain that we are not only bred for conformation but for sound structure, good temperament and good HEALTH and not just based on breeding champion to champion regardless if that is the “winning” popular thing to do. Woodstock the Great Dane and his human, Bob

Many people might be afraid of me bepaws I am so big, but I REALLY love people and other dogs a LOT! I especially love children. As you can see I am hugging my human cousin Sabrina in the photo and giving her a BIG kiss – much to my cousin Skyler’s horror hahaha! Sabrina loves it though. It was my first time meeting her but I am always happy to meet new humans and new dogs and not just bepaws I am a kind and sociable guy naturally, but bepaws I was also bred with a “sweet disposition” in mind.

I would defend my humans when necessary but I am not aggressive or mean. A lot of dogs in a variety of breeds, not just guardian breeds are becoming more and more aggressive. Naturopathic veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan had a lot to say on that topic in this article: How Vaccines Affect Both Socialization and Behavior in Dogs …we concur!

Henry the Great Dane with his human Angel, 2012 Naturally reared dogs generally are much calmer, gentler and more like their original counterparts than those that have been conventionally reared due to not only the vaccines but also the kibble and pesticides used on them. While early generations of naturally reared dogs are not without their problems, they certainly do have much less issues and humans you must get back to honoring nature if we are to continue as a species.

It is your responsibility to learn and know about ALL of these things and not surrender in apathy to the medical cartel or government cartels. Responsibility goes hand in paw with freedom humans: freedom to choose and make decisions based on knowledge not emotions or politics.

So go hug your BIG dog or your small one and make wise decisions for us by being truly informed.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHYICALLY healthy day, WOOF!

To find a naturally reared dog go to

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