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How to Treat Dog Skin Allergies

Posted Jan 11 2011 11:57am

Dogs, which are considered man’s best friend is one of the faithful pets that attach easily with humans. And like every other pets, dogs are also prone to diseases and disorders. One of the major problems that the dogs face is the skin allergy. There are various causes for this condition and it is the duty of the owner to ensure that the pet is safe from such problems. A skin allergy happens to dogs when they are exposed to some environmental factor that is harmful to the dog. It may be either due to food that is given to the dog, parasites like flea that prey on the skin of the dog and other allergic foreign substances.

Identifying dog skin allergy

There is a fungal infection that is visible on the skin of the dog and this is usually called ringworm. This condition mainly occurs in the younger dogs where the skin becomes dry and the hair is also lost. Another visible symptom is the presence of lice, ticks and dust mites which result in the allergic reactions and other skin problems. The skin gets drier and itchy. The dog chews the tail while it also licks and itches frequently. There is also vomiting, persistent coughs and sneezes. Some dogs are also inclined to getting a dust allergy and the symptoms may be seen on the skin. Dog allergies are caused due to dust mites or they could be due to dog food allergies.

Treating dogs affected with skin allergies

  • Before you begin treating your dog for the skin allergies you need to identify the reason for the allergy.
  • Give your dog a wash with proper soap so that the irritants in the skin are washed out. Dish soaps work out well instead of dog shampoos.
  • You need to consult with your veterinarian to identify the problem and get medicines fro your dogs if you are not able to recognize the trouble your pet dog is going through.
  • Get the medicated shampoo prescribed by the veterinarian and use it over the affected areas. A paste of water and baking soda helps in providing relief over the skin.
  • You can also treat you dog by giving it a bath of colloidal oatmeal or even with Epsom salt. A Cortisone spray also helps in providing short term relief.
  • Drive the allergy causing fleas away from your pet by including garlic in his diet.
  • The right remedy for curing of ear mites is the usage of a mixture of almond and vitamin oil. Drop the oil into the dog’s ear and massage them for three days and leave it for the next three days and then carry on with the treatment.
  • A hypoallergenic shampoo must be used to bathe the dog frequently to cure the skin allergy.

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